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See how Security Self Storage is the right fit for your business’s storage needs

Grow Your Business with Our Incubator Units

Expand your small business from your home or garage without expensive, long-term commitments. 

Many of our storage units feature lights and power outlets. We also accept deliveries and provide 24-hour access so you can run your business how and when you want.

Cost Effective Warehousing

Increase profitability by lowering your per sq ft warehouse costs using storage. 

Our low rates allow businesses to eliminate expensive office and warehouse costs.

Lower Transportation Costs

Multiple facilities strategically located throughout the Triangle increase your distribution effectiveness while lowering transportation costs.

Flex Space Offices with Warehouses

As you grow, our North Durham (Geer Street) and Apex locations can offer low-cost flex space offices with warehouses for small retail and service businesses.

Storage for Your Local Business

Do you need extra storage space for your inventory or equipment? 

We love our communities and are happy to provide the storage space you need to help your business grow! 

If you find yourself running out of space to store your business’s goods and other items, let Security Self Storage help!

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