Boat & RV: Storage & Ownership in NC

Owning (and enjoying) a boat or RV in the Triangle

Recreational Vehicles in the Research Triangle

What it means to own a boat or RV in the Raleigh—Durham—Chapel Hill area

Here in the Triangle, we’re lucky to enjoy a wealth of state parks, campgrounds, rivers, lakes, and other natural settings. 

Whether you choose to enjoy them with a recreational vehicle or in other ways, we’ve got it good! 

From RV campgrounds to boat launches, you don’t need to travel too far to find a good spot—and if you do travel just a bit further, you can find even more! 

If you’re an out-of-towner, we’ve got plenty to offer for your family’s summer camping trip, spring break getaway, or other recreational adventure! 

Read on to find great storage options for your boats and RVs (or even your other recreational gear), advice for owning a recreational vehicle in the area, and some great resources for RVers and boat owners!

Triangle Area State Parks

A non-exhaustive list of state parks in the area that allow RVs and Boats!

Falls Lake State Recreation Area

Since 1981, Falls Lake has helped with flood and water quality, contributed to wildlife conservation, and served as a beautiful recreation area for North Carolina. 

Falls Lake includes RV-capable campgrounds, including select spaces with water and electrical hookups. 

Dump stations are available. Boat ramps are also available.

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Jordan Lake State Recreation Area

30 miles west of downtown Raleigh, this park features a beautiful lake that is one of the largest summertime homes of the bald eagle. 

It also has an observation platform that makes for easy spotting of our national bird. 

Jordan Lake has RV-capable campsites, including some with electrical and water hookups. 

Dump stations and group RV sites are also available here, as well as boat ramps.

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Raven Rock State Park

40 miles southwest of Raleigh, Raven Rock State Park boasts the namesake 150-foot crystalline structure that overlooks the Cape Fear River. 

RVs and trailers can camp here, and select sites features electrical, water, and even sewer hookups.

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Do I Need a Special License to Drive RVs in North Carolina?

Yes, North Carolina does have special licensing requirements for driving RVs if they’re over 26,000 pounds. 

RVs and campers can get pretty large, so it’s natural to wonder about the legal requirements to own and drive such a vehicle. 

Before you make your purchase and hit the road, you should know the details! 

For North Carolina, at this time, you need a Class B non-commercial license for over 26,000 lbs and a Class A if you’re pulling other vehicles over the same combined weight.

Make sure to contact your local DMV for the most accurate answer, though!

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RV Resources & Storage Tips

Enjoy these RV resources and tips to make your adventures and storage experiences better!

Find a Dump Station in NC

You can find a long list of area dump stations at this link.

Service Locks Before Storage

Use spray lubricant on your locks to prevent rusting and freezing.

Tire Covers

Make use of tire covers if your RV or camper is stored outdoors.

Turn Off Power

Turn off appliances (such as the refrigerator) and verify all power sources and gas are turned off.

Comprehensive Maintenance Checklist

You can find a comprehensive maintenance checklist for your RV at Click here to see the list.

Recommended Supplies Checklist

Not sure what you should be bringing with you? Check out this list for good ideas!

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